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silver as plating material, Copper works as matrix,silver plated copper monofil is composed of a copper core covered by a concentric silver plating. It combines the advantages of copper and silver, improved thermal resistance, with the bright and shiny surface of silver also good conductivity and high corrosion resistance. Main dia specification: 0.025-0.4mm conductivity can be less than 0.5ohm/m Product form : soft, bright surface As the best conductor, silver has more excellent conductivity, ductility,heat conductivity and antibacterial properties than copper. At its thinnest, it can be thinner than hair wire.conductivity can be less than 0.5ohm/m, which is widely used in low resistance products which had strict conductivity requirement. Applications: Silver monofil is widely used in conductive/shielding and heating, antibacterial, antistatic  textile,aerospace, military,medical,filter equipment , wire and cable, high-end headphones and audio,precision instruments, medical equipment (surgery grade conductor) ,armored optical cable, compensation wire,heating, net cover and other industries.