Virus resistant fabric (Pure Silver Coating Fabric)

Mask raw material fabric: Basic material nylon, 100% Silver contents (coating) 1 Bacterial/Virus Resistant 2 No smelly odor like of hot melt fabric 3 Breathable/washable/recycle 4 Can completely instead of hot melt fabric Pure Silver Coated Shielding/ Conductive/ Fabric Part #: KS100 Pure Silver Coated Shielding / Conductive Fabric is made 100% silver coating on polyamide knitted fabric. Very high shielding performance with silk feeling and silver bright outlook, also with perfect anti-bacterial function, antibacterial rate was more than 99.9%. Width: 150cm Weighted: 110g±5%/m2 Conductivity: 0.2 Ohm/cm Fabric can directly touch the skin Washing & Maintenance: Use neutral detergent to wash softly,hand wash, under 40℃ water wash,no bleaching,no iron,dry in shade (drying temperature at 70-80 degrees Celsius, not excess 30 minutes) Be exposed to the air, silver fiber can 't avoid oxidation, fabrics can be black or yellow, attributes normal phenomenon, it will not affect the shielding effect. Avoid to contact sweat, once contact the sweat, wash the fabric asap. Suggest keeping sealed preservation. Applications: it’s perfect material for electromagnetic shielding underwear, clothing, uniform, curtain, tents etc home textiles. Also as it’s anti-bacterial nature, it’s widely used in medial recover and fitness wear / training accessories. Shielding dB Value: